Tidigare lead designer på Blizzard utannonserar Bonfire Studios

En ny indiestudio är född.


Under en 17 år lång karriär inom Blizzard Entertainment har Rob Pardo bland annat jobbat som designer på Diablo 2 och lead designer på World of Warcraft. Under 2014 lämnade han studion och nu har han åter dykt upp till ytan med den nya indiestudion Bonfire Studios.

I sitt blogginlägg om den nya studion berättar Pardo att namnet Bonfire är en "metafor för de upplevelser utvecklarna önskar skapa".

"The most important part of our quest is WHY are we doing this," skriver Pardo. "We can't say we are going to Mount Doom to save the world, but we do think deeply about what we love about games. One of the most rewarding parts of creating any game, be it a D&D campaign or a massive persistent world, is the connection you have to the players themselves. You get to see the player's reactions, you get to respond to them and make their experience better over time. It's like the warmth of friends around a bonfire, sharing stories."

"And that's why we named our studio BONFIRE. The bonfire is a metaphor for the experiences we wish to create. We want friends to connect through our games and share amazing experiences, tell the stories, and come closer together."

Det är tyvärr för tidigt för oss att få reda på vad Bonfire Studios debutspel kommer bli, men Pardo fortsätter berätta om idén bakom studion.

"Game developers live the dream scenario where passion meets work. We don't view our week as something to get through so we can really live on the weekend," skriver han. "But often, developers must compromise and decide - do I work on a blockbuster game where I have less personal impact or the gutsy indie studio that struggles to get noticed? Our vision is to create a studio that doesn't require them to choose. As lifelong gamers, we approached this problem like we are embarking on an epic quest."

Bonfire Studios har för övrigt funnit partners i Riot Games och Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), där Riots företagsmål fungerar bra med Bonfires vision och a16z bär på många erfarna entreprenörer.

"We are extremely fortunate to find our partners in Riot Games and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)," fortsätter Pardo. "Riot's aspiration to be the most player-focused game company in the world, aligns very nicely with our vision to build friendships through our online games. With a16z, we found a treasure trove of experienced entrepreneurs that have a wealth of knowledge about how to create a great and enduring company. Today we are announcing our company, but we look forward to continuing the conversation with our community in the coming months and years."


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