Bioware har många gånger pratat gott om sina karaktärer och hur viktiga de är för Mass Effect-serien. Våra kollegor på har nu fått nys om fyra besättningsmedlemmar från kommande Mass Effect Andromeda. Detaljerna är få, men nedan finns de:



Liam, a fellow human, is one of your two starting squadmates. Like main character Ryder, he arrived in Andromeda aboard the human ark Hyperion.

A cop in a former life, he's part of the Pathfinder team to provide security.

Revealed as part of Game Informer's N7 Day coverage, he was described as "youthful, enthusastic and idealistic", upbeat but quick.


Cora, till vänster

Cora, another human, is the other starting squadmate alongside Liam. It feels like a deliberate choice on BioWare's part to begin the game with a squad made up just like Mass Effect 1's human trio of Shepard, Kaidan and Ashley. Hopefully she's less racist.

We've yet to see Cora's face, despite her being featured in various trailers.

A leaked marketing survey from April 2015 mentioned Cora as a squadmate who could deploy a biotic shield.



Peebee, an asari, and has been a regular part of the game's marketing and trailers. She's generally referred to as Peebee, although that is a nickname.

She joins your squad after crossing paths with Ryder early in Andromeda's story, and comes with some experience in the alien galaxy.

She arrived on the Nexus, the game's new Citadel-esque central hub space station, which made the journey to Andromeda before the four ark ships.

Described as independent and fast-talking, Peebee left the Nexus to travel alone. Like Liara, she has an interest in alien civilisations.


A krogan, still hasn't been officially announced by BioWare but is now all but confirmed.

Not only was Drack named and referred to as your krogan squadmate in the above marketing survey leak, but Game Informer last night confirmed the existence of a loyalty mission for your krogan pal - without mentioning his name. (Loyalty mission = squadmate).

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